Zoeller - Full-Flow Unichecks

Price on request:

1-1/4″ to 3″ cast iron and 1-1/4″ to 2″ high temperature cast iron check valves.

The Zoeller “Full-Flow” Unicheck features flexible neoprene slip x slip unions with all stainless steel clamps and screws. This saves installation time and is simple to install. 



No pipe threading is required. Checks the backflow of water and sewer gas and features an extra-wide flapper hinge to prevent hinge stress. Can be installed in a vertical or horizontal line. Available in cast iron or PVC construction.


CVQ40 Quiet Check Valve – 40mm Spring Loaded
CVQC40 Quiet Check Valve – 40mm Spring Loaded – Clear – Clamp
UCC50 Unicheck Check Valve – 50mm No Spring – PVC Body – Clamp-On
019768-A Check Valve – 1.5″ In-Line
VUCI1.5 Unicheck Check Valve – 40mm Cast Iron – Female Thread
VUCI2 Unicheck Check Valve – 50mm Cast Iron – Female Thread
VUCI3 Unicheck Check Valve – 75mm Cast Iron – Female Thread




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