YK2 Ceramic Water Filter Bottle

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Please see the links below to find the replacement cartridges for this unit:

  1. The Ceramic dome  (Repl. every 6 months)
  2. Mixed Media bed  (Repl. every 6 months)

The YK2 Water Filter Bottle is a gravity water filter bottle for use on all H2O International SA bottle type water dispenser.

The YK2 is suitable for use with municipal our council water with moderate to low sediment levels and will remove chlorine and other harmful tap water chemicals as well as improve the taste, colour and odour of your tap water.

The bottle also includes a silver impregnated ceramic pre-filter for added protection against bacteria.

The ceramic filter requires regular cleaning with a scourer, abrasive cloth or even sand-paper whenever the filter gets discoloured, or the water flow-rate decreases. If the filter cracks, it must be replaced.

The bottle works by simply pouring water from a jug into the top container of the bottle, which then slowly moves through the various sets of filters via the force of gravity, and collects as clean, filtered water in the bottom container, ready to be fed into your water cooler.

This system works well as a source of filtered water for your cooler in areas and applications that are far away from bottled water delivery services, or offices that do not have a person available to refill and replace water cooler bottles using separate water purification systems.


YK2 Ceramic Water Filter Bottle


  • Gravity fed water filter bottle.
  • Removes Chlorine and other common harmful   chemicals present in tap water.
  • Improves taste, colour and odour of tap water.
  • Includes silver impregnated ceramic filter for added protection against bacteria.
  • Suitable for use with municipal/council tap water with moderate to low sediment levels, and where added protection against bacteria is required.



  • Dimensions: 293 x 293 x 316 mm
  • Net Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Bottle Capacity: 12 liters
  • Filtered water production rate: 4 litres per hour
  • Primary filter: Silver impregnated ceramic disk filter for removal of fine sediment and added protection against bacteria.
  • Secondary filter: Granular Activated Carbon, mineral stone, silica sand and Ziolite mixed media bed gravity filter cartridge for removing chemicals and improving taste.
  • Primary filter average maximum longevity: 12 months (requires regular cleaning)
  • Secondary filter average maximum longevity: 3-4 months

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Water Quality

Improve Taste, Remove Colour & Odour, Remove Sediments

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