BWT Woda 3


Product Features

A Fully-kitted 3 Stage System:

  1. Sediment removal (Larger than 5 microns) – SF-5
  2. Ultrafiltration membrane (0.02μm): Protects against viruses and bacteria – S-CUF
  3. Eliminates undesired odours and tastes in water S-CUF
  4. Innovative Mg2+ Mineralizer technology for perfect coffee and tea – Woda Pure Clear
  5. Flexible Solution – A Standard head allows for you to have a variety of cartridge options.

Advanced BWT technology:  Easy cartridge mounting and changing

Pure water:  Free from particles, odour, chlorine, bacteria. Includes MG 2+ Mineralized water.

– You have the option of including an Installation Kit and/or a Faucet installation kit. These kits will provide you all the necessary piping and fittings to be able to install the 3 stage system. 

  • BWT Woda-Pure Faucet Installation Kit
  • BWT Woda-Pure Inline Installation Kit

Woda-Pure Series Brochure
Woda-Pure Installation and Operating Manual



1 x BWT Woda-Pure S-F5 (Sediment Filter) + a FREE BWT Head Adapter

1 x BWT Woda-Pure S-CUF (Carbon Block and Ultra Filter) + a FREE BWT Head Adapter

1 x BWT Woda-Pure Clear (Magnesium Mineralization – Mineral Water) + a FREE BWT Mineralization Head Adapter

More about the Cartridges:

– BWT Woda-Pure S-F5: Removes particles (sand, rust, and suspended solids) that are larger than 5μm

– BWT Woda-Pure S-CUF: Reliably removes chlorine and eliminates any undesirable odours, flavours and certain organic substances using activated carbon. Bacteria are removed from the water using Ultrafiltration membranes.

BWT Woda-Pure Clear Mineralizer S:  Enriches the tap water with the precious magnesium mineral and reduces the amount of lime contained in the water.

Unique and only from BWT:
The addition of magnesium helps to balance the water’s mineral level. The result is an almost neutral ph value that connoisseurs of high-quality still mineral waters appreciate for its delicious taste and softness.

All valuable minerals are retained in the water for the best taste and a full aroma in hot and cold drinks.

Additional information


In-line Installation Kit, No In-Line Installation Kit


Faucet Installation Kit, No Faucet Installation Kit



Water Quality

Improve Taste, Remove Chlorine, Remove Colour & Odour, Remove Sediments

Health Concerns

Add Magnesium, Add Zinc, Remove Metals

Water Source



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