Ultraviolet Disinfection


Ultraviolet (UV) is a non-chemical process used to disinfect air and water. Ultraviolet is popular in industries where the addition of taste altering chemicals is problematic (a good example is the bottled water industry). CWC’s potable and process water UV lamps transmit UV-C light and are designed to produce 30 microwatt seconds per square centimetre of ultraviolet light.



How Ultraviolet Sterilisers Work

CWC’s range of PVC and stainless steel UV systems contain one or more germicidal ultraviolet lamps.

We use Philips low-pressure mercury vapor tubes, producing ultraviolet wavelengths that are lethal to micro-organisms. Approximately 95% of the ultraviolet energy emitted is at the mercury resonance line of 254 nanometers, which is highly lethal to viruses, bacteria, and mold spores.

The water passing across a UV lamp is exposed to the UV light, de-activating the genetic material of micro-organisms in the water supply, preventing them from reproducing. Due to the short lifespan of most micro-organisms, the water is considered sterile after passing through the UV chamber.


  • swimming pool & jacuzzi/spa
  • aquarium, hatcheries and nurseries
  • ice making
  • brewery & winery
  • soft drinks, fruit drinks and juices
  • bottled water
  • diary processing
  • edible oils
  • pure wash water
  • pharmaceutical production
  • laboratories, hospitals and clinics
  • maternity labor and delivery areas
  • pathology labs, kidney dialysis
  • cosmetics and electronic production
  • pond & lake reclamation


CWC manufactures Ultraviolet sterilizers in both uPVC and Stainless Steel. Specifications on our standard systems are as follows

  • Flow capacities dependent on UV transmission of the water.
  • Flow capacities given at a UV dose of 30 mJ/cm2 and UV transmission, T10, of 80%

Your local approved CWC distributor can help you calculate your purified water needs, and can arrange for a professional water analysis to be taken. For more information about CWC’s Ultraviolet systems and how the RO process can help you in your home or business, contact CWC today.



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