Steadypres T/T 2.0

Price on request:

For THREE-PHASE pumps up to 3 kW

Direct mounting on the pump or on the delivery pipe



Pump controls


Pump control: VARIABLE SPEED

Mains supply: THREE-PHASE


Variable speed electronic control device for pumps and pressure groups.
  • Water-cooled.
  • Applicable on the pipe or on the pump.
  • Keeps the system pressure constant when water request changes.
  • Protects the pump and the system against operational faults.
  • Can work simultaneously with other STEADYPRES units and control up to 3 pumps in cascade sequence.
  • Dimensions: 28 x 27 (h) x 24 cm;
  • IP65 protection grade;
  • LCD display;
  • Simple and user-friendly software;
In addition to normal power and control components, STEADYPRES is equipped with:
  • 2 three-piece nickel-plated brass joints for easy wiring;
  • Integrated mains filter;
  • Switch and external fuse.
On request:
  • 1 ON/OFF digital input (e.g. float);
  • 1 output signal (e.g. alarm);
  • Communication port with other STEADYPRES (RS485).


Download the STEADYPRES Overview (2MB)



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