SMART Plant Life Support System


In a well designed hydroponic soilless hydroponic system plants require a Plant Life Support System, a machine that can provide the plants with all the neccesary features supporting healthy plant growth.

Plant Life Support Systems can be compared to the machines you will find in intensive care units of hospitals with the exception that they can support thousands of patients, which are the plants in the hydroponic system.

SMART Plant Life Support Systems:

  • Provide variable nutirient solution pressure and flow to the plants as required.
  • Filter the solution.
  • Flush and maintain the systems pipes.
  • Isolate the system for mixing during nutrient and acid dosing.
  • Heat the solution when required.
  • Cool the solution when required.
  • Clean the filter by backwashing it.
  • Sterilize the nutrient solution.
  • Aerate the nutrient slution.

SMART Life Support System have a Six Solution Dosing System fitted to it for dosing:

  • Solution A (Calcium Nitrate, Kynoponics Alpha or Nutrigro from the different suppliers)
  • Solution B (HydroFlow, Kynoponics Beta or NutriPlex)
  • Solution C (Pottasium Sulphate or Vita-K)
  • Solution D (Phosphoric Acid for pH adjustment and boosting root growth)
  • Solution E
  • Solution F

Dosing units E & F is there for your specific requirements. Use it to dose Nitric Acid for pH adjustment and boosting leaf growth or Soluable Silica for boosting plant immunity, microbes for plant health, hydrogen peroxide for hygiene and improved natural cooling effect, beneficial fungi like Trichoderma or any other element you would like to boost for your specific crop.

Dosing units are well designed fit for purpose systems working on a pneumatic over hydraulic principle, a simple design, maximizing reliability and enable easy maintenance. Moving parts are not in contact with solutions.

Eight sensors are fitted as a standard monitoring pH, EC, Solution temperature, Ambient temperature and humidity, Solution pressure, Solution level and compressor air pressure. Aditional sensors (such as CO2 sensors) can be fitted on request.

SMART Life Support Systems are fitted with specially designed electronic control system, with Touchscreen and Mouse Human Machine Interface. The MeerKat software is installed onto the onboard computer. This software enables you to control and monitor the Life Support Systems locally.

Use Anydek or Teamviewer to connect to a SMART Life Support Systems from a remote connection and stream data live.

As long as you have an internet connection on site and  your remote device you should have controllability of your system. Note that annual service fees may apply for remote connection. We are continuously upgrading software. Upgrades can be done from our site. Note that some photos in the photo plane may become unused as we add new features and screens all the time.

There are paid services available where you can install a widget on the background of your cellphone to monitor your Life Support Systems. You can set alarms which will then notify you when a measured parameters is out of range on your hydroponic systems. Service fees depend on the frequency and the amount of data points you wil be monitoring. Up to three million data measurements per annum is normally free of charge. Please contact us for more information.

Alarms can be set on the Life Support System for locally warning employees should a measured parameter go out of acceptable range. As a standard a beeper will sound but we can add strobe lights and other devices if required.

SMART Plant Life Support systems are used to support any of our commercial hydroponic systems like the Hallelujah system, the Rooikat system, the A-Frame systems, Vertical systems or the Multi Layer systems for medicinal plants.

SMART Life Support Systems are build onto a thousand litre system tank as one unit. In some applications (like with the Hallelujah systems) the life Support System should be installed into a sump to let gravity do its work. Drawings and material lists are available from us on request.

The systems basically need a 220V AC supply, a 20mm 1 to 3 bar fresh water supply point and a 32mm class 3 pipe for waste water. This pipe can lead to a waste water storage tanks which you can use for other applications (watering the lawn, orchards or fields) later on. Note that the systems are designed to be water efficient. No more than 1000 litres of waste water per week will be generated. The reason why there is waste water is because the plants cause unbalanced nutrient conditions over time. With a laboratory on site unbalanced conditions can be managed and minimized but it is simply more cost effective to get rid of unbalanced solutions and to use it for other applications because unbalanced solutions does not support optimal hydroponic plant growth. 

Cooling towers are fitted to SMART Life Support Systems as a standard. For warm African conditions a cooling tower is an essential component.

Sensitive components are housed into a neat LDPE enclosure that protects the components against the elements. The computer is housed inside an electrical enclosure for the same purpose.

SMART Life Supports Systems require an internet connection onsite. On request we can fit a GSM router to the Life Support Systems if you choose to use cellular services for internet. This is often cheaper than to use a local internet service provider. Please test reception on site with your cellphone before you take this route. With internet on site your hydroponic system will have remote control and monitoring abilities. The MeerKat system report on the state of your internet connection.

The meerKat system record and display history for the last 24 hours. Old history is automatically archived and available on a cloud platform. Having history is extremely helpfull in knowing the state of your hydroponic system. Activities are also logged and displayed.

Calibrations are done on the MeerKat system using simple procedures which are displayed on the calibrations screen. All settings and calibrations are password protected to prevent unauthorised setting.

There is a limited level of artificial intellegence build into the Life Support Systems. Intellegence is controllable by the client. The system can decide when to dose a certain solution or you can request it to dose solutions under certain conditions. You can also instruct the system when or under which conditions it should perform any other system function like cleaning the filter, flushing the system or doing a maintenance cycle. If you are into AI we can take it to the extremes. Auto pilot, speach reporting and voice recognitioning are doable features we have been working on.

As an option we can fit a small camera to each Life Support System. Cameras face hydroponic systems in front of that Life Support System. It can be very usefull during the mentorship period for Grow Machines to see what is happening in your hydroponic systems and advise accordingely but it can also be very usefull to you to track growth of your plants (doing time lapses), supervise employees and it can even be helpfull to identify potential threats.

Hydroponic systems work in isolated cells. This is important to control and quarantine any possible water born diseases. Each Life Support System service a cell. Recommended cells size was determined by years of dealing with water born diseases. Cell size recomendations are based on minimizing risk and on the physical capabilities of the Life Support Systems to serve the plants effectivel almost like determining the right size engine for a car.

One Life Support System can host 1200 large trellis crop plants and up to 4000 leafy crop plants.

Note: pH sensors are sensitive instruments. They can easily be affected by statics such as lightning, statics from the surroundings or even from your power source. For this reason the pH sensors in these units should only be used for alarms and backup measurements and not for dosing purposes. You should rather use a calibrated handheld pH meter for dosing purposes to eliminate possible mistakes. We do not guarantee pH sensors.


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