Six NFT Module Home Hydroponic Garden


Home Gardens can be expanded to this Six NFT Module Home Gardens.

a System like this is 11m Long and 8m Wide which means that it fits perfectly into the width of a standard 30m x 10m Tunnel. Two of these systems fits into a standard 10m x 30m tunnel leaving you with 5m space that you can use for something else. The systems have 1m pathways between the NFT modules.

The systems have a build in Ebb & Flow system that you can use to make your seedlings, grow plants in pots or even grow root crops in crates with vermiculite.

These systems are popular in the cannabis industry. You can use the Ebb  & Flow to grow your mother plants and then grow your clones in the NFT gullies for flowering. It works very well. No need for expensive American Cannabis systems. Local is lekker! You will be pleasantly surprised how well it works.

The systems also works excellent for vegetables or even flowers. This is a entry level commercial hydroponic system. Start with one and expand your operation as you master the technique and establish your market. It is probably the cheapest entry level commercial NFT hydroponic system around. They are easy to install. You can do it yourself. We will send you a video on how to install your system.

There are 48 gullies in a system spaced at 250mm. Gully hole spacing can be 400mm,300mm, 250mm or even 200mm depending on your needs. We can also give you a variety of spacings.

Number of plants depends on the spacing options:

Spacing       Number of plants

400mm         = 12 holes x 48 gullies = 576 Plants

300mm         = 17 holes x 48 gullies = 816 Plants

250mm         = 20 holes x 48 gullies = 960 Plants

200mm         = 25 holes x 48 gullies = 1200 Plants

These system don’t have any smart dozing systems installed. They are mannual systems but they work extremely well.

They come complete with 48 gullies processed to your spacing requirements, adjustable aluminium structure, time controller for the Ebb & Flow, distribution plug for the NFT segments, irrigation and Ebb & Flow with a thousand litre tank.


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