RV-US4 Under Counter Cartridge Chlora+


The US4-S-IL-CHLOR+ is an enhanced version of our famous, high capacity US4-S-IL under-counter system, designed specifically for the added removal of Chloramines, which are sometimes used instead of Chlorine to treat municipal tap water in certain areas.

The lower capacity and more economical version of the high flow water H2O International US4 under counter water cartridge. The cartridge should be regularly back-washed (based on quality of source water) to ensure optimum performance and maximum service life.

    • Includes push-fittings for easy connection – 3/8”.
    • Bacteriostatic purifier cartridge
    • Max. temperature – 29.4 ºC
    • Max. flow rate – 7.5 Lt/min
    • Max. water pressure – 4.8 bar
    • Made in USA



RV-US4 Under-counter Cartridge

Filtration media / steps: Expected maximum capacity

5 Micron filter pad. Silver impregnated coconut shell Granular Activated Carbon. Riolyte. KDF

45,000 liters
Average longevity Dimensions:
36 – 48 months 33.0cm x 12.0cm

Additional information



Water Quality

Improve Taste, Remove Chloramine, Remove Chlorine, Remove Colour & Odour, Remove Sediments

Health Concerns

Improve Alkaline Levels, Remove Metals


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