RooiKat NFT Raised Bed Modules 6m x 5m


Our RooiKat NFT raised bed systems consist of a Life Support System and a number of 6m long by 5m wide NFT raised bed modules connected together to make up a larger NFT raised bed system.

Each module comes complete with its high quality aluminium support beams, adjustable aluminium A frames, gullies, gutters, irrigation pipes and feedlines.

The gullies are 100mm wide, 50mm+ high and 5m long. They are made from high quality UV stablised food safe PVC. We also call it organic PVC. The gullies are heavy duty gullies to carry the weight of the produce over the span of the supporting beams.  The standard modules have 20 gullies spaced 300mm apart. You may specify alternative spacings. If extra gullies are required we will quote it additionally. Standard hole spacing is 300mm. You may specify alternative hole spacings.

Five modules will make up a 30m raised bed system (5m * 6m = 30m). Six modules make up a 36m raised bed system. Seven modules make up a 42m raised bed system. Eight modules make up a 48m raised bed system. Nine modules make up a 54m raised bed system. Ten modules is the limit and makes up a 60m RooiKat raised bed system. Longer systems than 60m is not advised. It is better then to populate more systems. a Life Support System is designed to handle maximum 60m.

Minimum quanities may apply depending on the stock level of the materials. There should not be a problem with quanities of five or more. Please contact us to discuss your requirement.


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