Ratatouille Rat/Mouse trap


The Ratatouille rat or mouse trap is a device that you screw onto an old KOO beetroot or mayonaise glass bottle.

The rat trap is designed to catch mutliple mice or rats in a more humanely way by not killing them. You can then relocate the poor animals to a different location and make them somebody elses problem, hand them over to nature or disgard them in the most appropriate way you can think of.

Cats love eating mice and rats so except for the damage you save from having the mice and rats around you can also safe money on cat food. It is your call.

The traps can also be used in maize, soya bean or sorghum fields to control large popualtions of rats and mice destroying the crops. Rather use the ingenius devices instead of poisoning the mice and rats. Poisoning mice and rats have other consequences and is detremental to wild life like owls, wild cats and all kinds of endangerd birds. Put flags out to identify where you place the traps.

Screw the trap onto and old KOO or mayonaise glass bottle. Use peanut butter on a peace of bread and some sunflower or bird seeds as bait and place it out where you are experience rat or mice problems. Remember to check on the trap regularly.

You can also use rat poison available from your local store. The dead rat or mouse should be safe inside the bottle and you can then dispose of it responsibly.

The traps are 3d printed and takes about 10 hours to print and that is why it is a bit expensive but please support us on this product because every trap we sell contributes to the development of the Camelian Cameras for Farmer Safety.


Lets look after nature!


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