Polypropylene Sediment Filter - 10" - 5 Micron

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The standard range, replaceable pre-sediment depth filter for H2O International in-line and under-counter purifier products, rated at 5 micron. Fits all standard 10″ filter housings.
This filter is most often used as a post-sediment filter for H2O International in-line or whole-house units with 3/4″ inlets, like the IL6 unit.

Depth filters or graded density filters are manufactured with a decreasing pore size moving towards the center of the cartridge, usually in 3-4 distinct layers. This allows larger particles to be trapped near the surface while smaller particles penetrate the outer layers to only be trapped in the center of the cartridge.
Such a design gives the filter greater dirt holding capacity and a longer working life than cheaper, uniform density filters, which only stop and retain particles on the surface and quickly clog up.

These Purtrex filters are manufactured by GE and are NSF approved.

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Polypropylene Sediment Filter – 10″ – 5 Micron

Filtration media / steps: Expected maximum capacity

Spun Polypropylene Depth Filter – 5 micron pore size

Average longevity Dimensions:
3 – 12 months 25cm x 6.5cm

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Water Quality

Remove Sediments


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