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BWT Penguin 2.7L Magnesium Mineralizer Jug Filter


Product Features

  • Removes Limescale & Chlorine
  • Adds Magnesium for Perfect taste and Vitality
  • Your water becomes the perfect ingredient for brewing great-tasting, unadulterated tea, and coffee
  • Filter change every 28 days or 120L
  • Easy-Fill
  • Electronic Exchange Indicator
  • Available in 3 Colours – Rose Pink, Ocean Blue & Soft White
  • A quality product from Italy, naturally BPA-​free
  • 2-year warranty


Scope of Delivery:

  • – 2,7 Litre Penguin Purifying Jug
  • – 1 X Magnesium Mineralizing Cartridge
  • – Instruction Manuel

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The Penguin table water filter, with a volume of 1.5 litres of filtered water, impresses with its modern, ergonomic design. The elegant table water filter uses BWT’s unique filter technology to transform your local tap water into delicious-tasting drinking water mineralized with high-quality magnesium.

Easy handling

The Penguin is, needless to say, BPA-​free and can be cleaned by simply putting it in the dishwasher (after first removing its lid with the electronic indicator). The practical filling flap enables easy filling without any splashing. Thanks to its design, the Penguin fits into any standard refrigerator door, so you can enjoy chilled water whenever you like.

Electronic replacement indicator

The Easy Control precisely monitors how often the jug is filled as well as the filter service life so it can remind you to change the cartridge at the right time.



A single BWT cartridge can filter approximately 20 litres more water than conventional systems – approximately 120 litres. We suggest that you change your filter cartridge every 3o days (1 month).


Technical details

Filtered water capacity 1,5 l
Total capacity 2,7 l
Filter change indicator Easy-​Control
Dimensions (W x H x D) 11,3 x 27,8 x 25,2
Scope of delivery 1 Jug, 1 Filter cartridge


Key Benefits


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17 reviews for BWT Penguin 2.7L Magnesium Mineralizer Jug Filter

  1. Marelize

    Looks beautiful and it gives me peace of mind knowing the water my family is drinking is filtered and healthy. Great purchase

  2. Cathrine Mahupete

    Love my jug and the great tasting water! It’s a permanent feature on my kitchen counter.

  3. David Robinson

    These jugs are absolutely THE best. We use them for camping and for home. The water is so clean and tastes amazing after it’s filtered. I have bought one for my parents and for my God son as only the best water should be drank.

  4. C.Hendrik

    When you get older it is more important than ever to take care of your health. This jug gives me peace of mind, knowing that the water I drink is clean, chemical-free and the added magnesium helps for muscle aches.

  5. Branden Nielson

    Awesome jug. No more dirty tap water for my family

  6. Linda

    I recommend this water jug. Would not be without it.

  7. Estleen Pretorius

    Water comes out tasting much better and nothing beats the peace of mind of using this jug for clean, fresh water. I love the appearance of the jug, it’s not an eyesore at all and I’m happy to display it in my office to keep my water on hand / keep up my hydration throughout the day.

  8. Mitch Puler

    Hmmmm…..what a difference it makes especially to the water in Gauteng. I leave my jug up there.

  9. Marianca Louw

    This was my best purchase this year… worth every cent!!! The water tastes amazing as if I just got it from a fountain in the mountains while hiking!!! It changed my life and I am now daily hydrated!!!

  10. Monnien Groenewald

    Since buying this jug I have become a bit of a water snob! Even cooking rice, pasta and soups with magnesium water now 🙂 Accidentally made coffee with tap water and immediately tasted the horrible difference! Kettle also don’t have scale anymore. Quick, easy and cheap way of obtaining healthy water!

  11. Ray Welthagen

    I had no idea that water could actually taste different. Once I had used the Magnesium Mineralizer Jug for a few weeks the difference is clearly noticeable. This coupled with the peace of mind of knowing that what I am drinking is safe did it for me!

  12. Leigh

    The jug works well for me; I tend not to drink enough water during the day, but with the jug at hand I can be assured of clean, purified water.

  13. Kim

    Have bought 2, one for each of my daughters at different times love the look, the taste and knowing they getting the extra minerals

  14. Julia

    The jug is beautifully designed! The thought of drinking fresh purified water, at my convenience, throughout the day is an absolute bonus; along with the fact that it has a sealed lid is fantastic! And I love the pink????

  15. Dean Versace

    These jugs are amazing. You can really taste the difference. You will never want to drink tap water again

  16. Eugene Louw

    This is the best filtering jug I have ever bought. The water tastes great and it is a healthy alternative to normal tap water. Using the jug on a daily basis is much easier then struggling with water machine bottle deliveries. The stylish design makes it an excellent addition to a modern kitchen layout. Well done.

  17. Velma M

    Love it. Especially with a newborn in the family it give me a peace of mind that my niece can drink pure water, because she breastfeed her baby. Best investment

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