Parisi Ice Maker

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The Parisi Ice Maker starts making ice rapidly from the moment it’s powered on.

Producing up to 12 kilograms of Ice in 24 hours using an Eco-Friendly Refrigerant, the Parisi Ice Maker is time effective and environmentally conscious. The Ice Maker features two ice cube sizes and a large internal ice storage bin with a scoop for convenience. The easy to operate Ice Maker is ideal for any home bar, kitchen, or anywhere where a steady supply of quality ice is needed.

When not in use, the Ice Maker can switch to Standby to save power.


Parisi Ice Maker


  • Convenient and easy to operate
  • Fits neatly on your kitchen counter top
  • Sleek design with red finish
  • Ice scoop included


  • Capacity: 12kg/24 hours
  • 2 Ice Cube settings
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant (R600a/21g)


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