Nanoceram® BB20 Pleated 0.2 Micron

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The Nanoceram® pleated filter is an advanced pre-filter with an absolute 0.2 micron filtration capability.
These filters are made with an advanced electropositive fibrous filter media which give the filters excellent particle removal efficiency (absolute 0.2 micron filtration) as well as high dirt holding capacity.

Nanoceram® filters also offer minimal pressure drops and extremely high water flow rates compared to other absolute 0.2 micron filters made from other materials.

These filters are suitable for applications where absolute filtration is required, strict water quality control must be maintained, and protection against bacterial contamination is desired.

Fits all standard BB20 filter housings.
Rated at 0.2 micron (absolute) pore size.


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Nanoceram® BB20 Pleated 0.2 Micron

Filtration media / steps: Expected maximum capacity

Nanoceram® electropositive fibrous media pleated filter – 0.2 micron pore size

Average longevity Dimensions:
2 – 6 months 50cm x 11cm

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Water Quality

Disinfect Water, Remove Sediments

Health Concerns

Remove Bacteria & Micro Organisms


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