Iron and Manganese Removal Filters


Iron and manganese are common in groundwater supplies. Excess iron and/or manganese levels usually results in the following:

  • Discoloured water

  • Red, brown or black stains on laundry, fixtures or other surfaces in contact with water.

  • Metallic taste in beverages.

  • Rust build-up in water heaters and cooling systems.

Whilst the water supplied by the ground water source is often clear and colourless, it usually becomes discoloured once it comes into contact with air, causing iron and manganese to precipitate as rust.



What is an Iron Removal Filter System?

There are a number of ways of removing iron and manganese from water supplies. The key to the removal process is oxidation of the iron and manganese ions, effectively converting them to rust particles and allowing them to be filtered out using a filtration process.

CWC uses an efficient and economical method of removing dissolved iron and manganese compounds from raw water supplies, by combining a manganese greensand and multimedia sand filter with a chemical-free oxidation column. This allows us to treat large volumes of water far quicker than any competitive iron removal system, making our equipment both smaller and more cost-effective. There are also no chemicals required for the operation of a CWC iron removal filter system, further reducing costs and making the system suited for use in remote areas.

Standard Features

  • Manual or automatic operation options.

  • Durable GRP or mild steel tank construction for corrosion resistance and high-pressure operation.

  • UV resistant materials are suitable for outdoor operation.

  • Simple inline configuration for ease of installation and maintenance.

  • Range of filter systems to suit household, commercial and industrial applications.


  • Automatic backwash controls.

  • Duplex kit to eliminate raw water bypass and system downtime.

  • Pressure differential backwash on automatic models.

Design Considerations

In order to accurately size an iron removal filter for your residential, commercial or industrial application, we will need to know the following:

  • The amount of water you expect to use per 24-hour period.

  • Your peak water demand.

  • Operating hours per day.

  • Your water pressure.

  • The suspended solids content, turbidity, pH, iron and manganese levels of your water.

  • What you plan to use the filtered water for.

Note: In certain situations where iron and/or manganese concentrations are higher than those specified above, CWC iron removal filters can be used in conjunction with ozone, chlorine or aeration equipment.

Your local approved CWC distributor can help you calculate your filtered water needs, and can arrange for a professional water analysis to be taken. For more information about iron removal filters and how the CWC filtration process can help you in your home or business, contact CWC today.



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