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Up to 662kg per 24hrs

Designed for operators who know that ice is critical to their business, the Indigo™ Series ice machine’s preventative diagnostics continually monitor itself for reliable ice production. Improvements in cleanabilit and programmability make your ice machine easy to own and less expensive to operate.

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  • Space-Saving Design – Up to 662kg daily ice production.
  • Acoustical Ice Sensing Probe – for reliable operation in challenging water conditions.
  • EasyRead Display – communicates operating status, cleaning reminders, and asset information through a blue illuminated display.
  • Programmable Ice Production – by On/Off Time, Ice Volume or Bin Level (with accessory bin level control) further improves energy efficiency and savings.
  • Easy to Clean Foodzone – Hinged front door swings out for easy access. Removable water-trough, distribution tube, curtain, and sensing probes for fast and efficient cleaning. Select components made with AlphaSan® antimicrobial.
  • DuraTech™ Exterior – provides superior corrosion resistance. Stainless finish with innovative clear-coat resists fingerprints and dirt.
  • Available LuminIce™ Growth Inhibitor controls the growth of bacteria and yeast within the foodzone.
  • BTU Per Hour: 23,500 (average) 27,000 (peak)
  • Compressor: Nominal rating: 3 HP
  • Cupra-Nickel Condenser: (Water-cooled models) Adds protection from corrosive water elements.
  • Ambient Temperature Range:
    • Air and water-cooled: 35° to 110°F (1.67° to 43.3°C)
    • Remote: -20° to 120°F (-29°• to 49°C)
  • Water Temperature Range: 35° to 90°F (1.67° to 32.2°C)
  • Water Pressure Ice Maker:
    • Water In:
      • Min. 20 psi (137.9 kPA) Max. 80 psi (551.1 kPA)
  • Condenser Inlet Water In: (Water-cooled only)
    • Min. 20 psi (137.9 kPA) Max. 150 psi (1,034.2 kPA)
  • Minimum circuit ampacity:
    • Air-cooled: 23.8 1ph / 15.4 3ph
    • Remote-cooled: 23.4 / 1ph 15.0 3ph
  • Maximum fuse size:
    • Air-cooled, Water-cooled, Remote:
      • 40 amps 1ph 60Hz
      • 25 amps 3ph 60Hz
      • 40 amps 1ph 50Hz
      • HACR-type circuit breakers can be used in place of fuses.



  • 3-year ice maker parts and labor
  • 5-year evaporator parts and labor
  • Compressor parts for 5 years and labor for 3 years

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