H2O | BWT AquaStar UV


The H2O | BWT AquaStar UV unit is an easy “Plug and Play” installation process
directly on the water supply line at the point of entry.

Product Features

  • It removes unwanted contaminants in the water and kills harmful bacteria.
  • The UV Unit comes with Elec. Adaptor (220-240V), UV Lamp, Quartz sleeve and 2 off O-rings
  • Flow rate: Up to 1000L/hour
  • Operating pressure: 400kPa (Max)
  • Dimenstions (mm): 1000 x 400 x 920

Intended Use:

The unit is designed to treat the following contaminants;

  1. Removal of Suspended Solids
  2. Chlorine removal, Odour, Colour, and Improving taste.
  3. Destroys harmful bacteria, viruses, and pathogens

The water will be suitable for potable use

AquaStar UV Unit Guide and Tech. Data



Stage 1: BWT’s Protector’s DZR brass is a backwash 90 micron sediment filter which is the first line of defense in protecting your appliances. One can easily check the status of the filter by viewing the clear housing and perform a backwash as necessary.

Stage 2: The Ecosoft 5 micron sediment replacement filter is intended to
filter sediment particles larger than 5 micron such as rust, sand, silt etc. 

Stage 3: The Ecosoft Carbon Block 20 inch improves the colour, taste and odour of the water by significantly reducing free chlorine and chlorine by-products.

Stage 4: The UV light the most effective method for the disinfection of bacteria, it adds no harmful chemicals and is easy to maintain.

OPTIONAL – To upgrade the system, you can purchase water meter and pressure gauges.



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