eSD5CH POU Economy Countertop Bottleless Hot and Cold Water Dispenser


  • Counter-top.
  • Direct connect.
  • Cold and hot water.
  • For home and office use.
  • 1 Year warranty.

This silver economy cold and hot water dispenser suits homes and small offices.

It stands on the counter and connects directly to the water mains and an electrical point. It is hygienic and hassle-free. No bottles save time, money and space.

The stainless steel cooling reservoir is quick and easy to clean and only requires sanitising every six months.

The hermetically sealed compressor runs silently, so the cooler can stand in the work area for convenient access.


eSD5CH POU Economy Countertop Bottleless Hot and Cold Water Dispenser


  • Bottleless – Connects directly to water supply
  • Countertop unit
  • Dispenses Hot and Cold water
  • Adjustable cold water thermostat
  • Hot water function can be turned off
  • Removable drip-tray
  • Silver and grey finish
  • Warranty period: 1 year



  • Economy model – Cost effective
  • Bottleless – Best convenience
  • Bottleless – Very hygienic
  • Bottleless – Best long-term economic value
  • Bottleless – Environmentally friendly – No transport of bottles
  • Can attach optional cup dispenser (not included)



  • Compressor cooling
  • Adjustable thermostat for cold water
  • Cooling Capacity: 3.0 lt/hr at 10ºC
  • Cold Water Continuous Flow: 1.1 litres with 10 min recovery period
  • Heating Capacity: 5.0 lt/hr at 90ºC
  • Hot Water Continuous Flow: 1.0 litres with 5 min recovery period
  • Ambient operation temperatures: 10ºC – 38ºC
  • Stainless steel cold tank (SS304): 3.0 liters
  • Cooling power consumption: 90 W
  • Heating power consumption: 550 W
  • Height: 53 cm
  • Depth: 33 cm
  • Width: 36 cm
  • Weight: 16 kg
  • Made in China


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