Ecosoft Filter Replacement Set - P'ure Balance


The Replacement set of filters for use with the Ecosoft P’URE BALANCE reverse osmosis system.
It is an innovative product that combines natural processes with Ecosoft’s cutting edge technologies.
Add taste and comfort to your life with P`URE Balance!


Filtration Technology:

  1. Meltblown Sediment Filter – Porous polypropylene filter reduces content of sand, sludge, scale and other insoluble compounds exceeding the size of 5 micron.
  2. GAC Filter consisting of activated coconut shell carbon. The filter reduces content of chlorine, concentration of toxic heavy metals, natural organic matter and oil products.
  3. The AquaGreen filter protects the membrane element, improves the economy of the system installed (saves up to 20 00L per year, compared to standard reverse osmosis filters) and is environmentally friendly.
  4. The AquaSpring filter enriches the pure water with calcium and magnesium.
  5. Carbon Post Filter consisting of coconut shell carbon improves the taste and smell of the purified water.

Compatible with most R.O. systems from other manufacturers.


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