Ecosoft Replacement Filter For Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction 20" Cartridge (BB20)

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  • Size of 4.5″ x 20″
  • Water without hydrogen sulfide odor
  • Replacement 1 time in 3-6 months
  • Housing material is clean European food grade plastic
  • Contains a sediment post-filter to retain carbon particles
  • Filter casings made of high quality food grade plastic
  • 30 000L

The Ecosoft replacement filter for hydrogen sulfide reduction Ecosoft contains the Centaur catalytic activated carbon.

The filter reduces the content of hydrogen sulfide in water, as well as the organic matter including oil products and pesticides, and improves color and odor of the water.

The replacement filter is compatible with filters of 4.5″x20″ standard size produced by other manufacturers.


Owners of houses supplied with borehole water containing hydrogen sulfide. Replacement filter fits in housing standart size BB20.

Key advantages

  • Water without hydrogen sulphide odor
  • Real capacity is 30 000 L
  • Stable characteristics throughout the service life
  • Filter housing made of high-quality European food grade plastic
  • Applicable for filters produced by other manufacturers

Benefits of using the replacement filter

  • Reduction of hydrogen sulfide content in the water with timely replacement of the cartridge
  • Access to pure water without weird odors or flavors



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