Ecosoft Replacement Cartridge Pack for 3-Stage System


Includes 5 Micron Polyprop sediment filter, Ecomix replacement filter-softening and a coconut shell carbon block.



  • The 1st stage: The 5-micron porous polypropylene filter that reduces contents of sand, silt, scale and other insoluble compounds.
  • The 2nd stage: Replacement filter containing the Ecomix® D37 media. The filter reduces hardness, chlorine and concentration of toxic heavy metals.
  • The 3rd stage: Final fine purification with the activated coconut shell carbon block filter is performed, to reduce content of chlorination by-products and sediments.

The filters are intended for purification of cold tap water only.


Softens water, removes chlorine, heavy metals and other
contaminants. Prevents lime scale build up in appliances.


  • Suitable for use with any Standard 10“ housing.
  • 5 micron sediment filtration.
  • Ecomix D37 Cartridge advanced softening.
  • CTO coconut shell carbon filter.
  • Flow capacity: 60ℓ/h.
  • Replace every 6-12 months.


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