Ecosoft Ecomix Type C Media


  • Clear blue water in the bathroom
  • Healthy skin without dryness
  • Tiles and plumbing free of limescale
  • Protection of household appliances
  • Solving the problem of poor quality water for a long time
  • Space-saving


Basic Information

Ecomix® C is a highly effective filter media for problem water.

Filter media Ecomix® C:

  • prevents scale on plumbing and scum on heating elements
  • eliminates the metallic taste in water and
  • reduces the colour and smell of water

Key Benefits

  • Solving the primary problems of water in 1 filter, instead of 2 or 3
  • Consistently high quality of water purification throughout the recommended service life
  • Low salt consumption for regeneration

How it is used

Ecomix® C is used in Iron and hardness reduction filters Ecosoft FK. Media is placed into the filter as a mixture, and during the first regeneration, it is divided into five layers. For regeneration, tablet salt is used.

Filtering systems filled with Ecomix® media are used in household and industrial water treatment processes.

Additional information


12L, 25L



Water Quality

Remove Sediments, Treat Corrosive Water, Treat Hard Water

Water Source

Borehole, Municipal


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