Ecosoft Ecolite for Water Softening 25L

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Strong acid cation styrene-DVB gel resin delivered in Na+ form. Ecolite SK is a high capacity resin with excellent kinetics and good physical, chemical, and thermostability.Ecosoft Ecolite is delivered in 25 L bags.

  • Ecolite SK can be used for residential, commercial, and industrial water softening applications.
  • Ecolite SK is used for softening of water by absorbing calcium, magnesium, and other multivalent cations.
  • Exhausted resin is regenerated with sodium or potassium brine. The product can be used with any conventional softening hardware. Manufacturing process warrants good homogeneity and stable quality of the product in every batch.
  • Boiler feed water softening.
  • Heating/cooling circuits makeup water softening
  • Reverse osmosis/nanofiltration feed water softening
  • Water softening for car wash, laundry, amenities, and household use


  • Appearance Clear spherical yellow beads
  • Matrix Styrene-DVB gel
  • Functional group Sulfonic acid
  • Delivery form Na+
  • Total exchange capacity, min. 1.8 eq/l (90 g CaCO3/l)
  • Bead size distribution 0.32…1.25 mm
  • Effective bead size 0.52 mm
  • Moisture 50…55%
  • Osmotic stability, min. 90…100%
  • Swelling (Ca2+ → Na+) 5%
  • Uniformity coefficient, max. 1.4
  • Bulk density 800 g/l
  • Max. water temperature 120 °C
  • pH 0…14
  • Min. bed depth 600 mm
  • Flow rates
  • Service 25…40 m/h (10…15 gpm/ft2)
  • Backwash 10…15 m/h (4…6 gpm/ft2)
  • Brine/slow rinse 1…10 m/h (0.4…4 gpm/ft2)
  • Water use per slow rinse 3…6 bed volumes
  • Water use per fast rinse 3…4 bed volumes
  • NaCl brine concentration 8…10%


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