Ecosoft Carbon Block BB10


Fits any standard BB10 housing, 100% coconut shell granular activated carbon in unique block structure.


Basic Information

A filter media carbon-block produced from coconut shell activated carbon.

This filter reduces the content of chlorine and chlorination by-products, as well as the concentration of toxic heavy metals, phenol, oil products, and pesticides. It also improves the colour, taste, and odour of water. Due to its block structure, the filter also reduces sediments larger than 10 microns in size.

Can replace filters of the standard size of 4.5″ × 10″ produced by other manufacturers.

Best suited for

Houses or apartments occupied by up to 5 people. Replacement filter fits in BB10 standard housing.

Key advantages

  • Filter contains a coconut shell carbon block
  • A capacity of 25 000 litres
  • A uniform structure, i.e. filtration with all the surface of the filter
  • Reduction of chlorine, organic matter and sediments sized under 10 microns, as well as the improvement of the taste, colour, and odour of water
  • Suitable for filters produced by other manufacturers

Benefits of using the filter

  • Source of tasty water without unpleasant odours or flavours
  • Transparent water with no sediments like sand, rust, scale, and others


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