Ecosoft BOB Countertop Filter


  • Countertop unit comes with a carbon block. 
  • Replace cartridge every 6 months.
  • Housing is a standard 10″ housing. 
  • Universal housing means can use any standard 10″ cartridge instead.
  • Countertop mounted.
  • Compact sized and lightweight.
  • Easy to install and change out the filter.
  • Filter housing made of food-grade plastic manufactured in the EU.
  • Includes a Diverter set.
  • Box Dimensions: 8,9 x 8,9 x 30,5cm



The vivid design features a color scheme that adds depth and beauty to your kitchen. Easy to install without tools, the Ecosoft Countertop Filter attaches easily to most standard faucets. We use a coconut-based carbon block filter to remove chlorine, manganese, iron, lead, salts, sediment, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, and more from your drinking water. Available in Leaf Green and Ocean Blue.

What’s inside the Ecosoft BOB?

A carbon block filter is included, containing extrusion molded high-quality coconut shell activated carbon.


A Carbon block is highly effective against a broad range of common water contaminants:

  • Natural organic matter
  • Chlorine and chlorine compounds
  • Pesticides, herbicides, and pharmaceuticals
  • Particulates (sand, rust, fibers)
  • Off tastes and odors



  • – Depending on usage and number of people within your household

System Diagram



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