Ecosoft AquaCalcium Mineralizing filter for Reverse Osmosis


  • Healthy water enriched with calcium
  • Tasty drinking water
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Key Benefits

  • Calcium-enriched drinking water is a vital element for the human body
  • Water with a fresh, natural and mild flavour
  • Especially recommended for adolescents in the period of active growth and the elderly
  • Calcium-enriched water does not form limescale when boiling

The main advantage of the mineralizer

  • Ecosoft AquaCalcium is a cartridge with a fundamentally new mineral composition that enriches water with a vital element – calcium – the most common macronutrient in the human body.
  • The mineralizer is intended for use in the Ecosoft P’URE AquaCalcium reverse osmosis filter, which simulates the natural flow rate of water through rocks and provides a constant content of minerals in purified water.
  • Attention! The use of the AquaCalcium mineralizer in filters from other manufacturers or in other models of Ecosoft filters is possible, but the level of calcium in purified water will be 3-5 times lower.

What changes will occur after the use of the Ecosoft AquaCalcium filter?

  • You will receive an important body mineral element – calcium with water
  • Water after AquaCalcium filter is an additional source of calcium. Studies by the World Health Organization have shown that calcium is equally absorbed from both food and water
  • You will drink really tasty and healthy water


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