EC 86 Scotsman Ice Machine

Price on request:

38Kg Per Day, 19Kg Storage Capacity

Includes delivery to main city centres.

  • Modular Supercube Gourmet Ice Maker.
  • Self-contained unit
  • Progressive Water Discharge
  • Daily Output: 38kg
  • Storage Capacity: 19kg (950 cubes)
  • Connects to water supply and drain.
  • Suitable for a small resteraunte, hotel or bar
  • Production capacity is calculated at:
    • 10°C Air Temperature and
    • 10°C Water Temperature.
  • Please note that the production is lower at higher temperatures:
    • 21°C Air Temperature and
    • 15°C Water Temperature
  •  expect 35 kgs in 24 hours.

Looking for a reliable and versatile yet elegant ice machine? The Scotsman EC 86 is just the model for you. Storing up to 950 cubes of ice at a time and producing 38kg’s per day, the EC 86 is the queen of all ice machines and is ideal for applications such as small restaurants, cafés and other industry uses. And with Progressive Water Discharge you no longer have to worry about drainage height or distance problems.

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EC 86 Scotsman Ice Machine

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