EC 56 Scotsman Ice Machine

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31Kg Per Day, 12Kg Storage Capacity

  • Modular Supercube Gourmet Ice Maker
  • Self-contained unit
  • Progressive Water Discharge
  • Daily Output: 32kg
  • Storage Capacity: 12.5kg (625 cubes)
  • Connects to water supply and drain.
  • Suitable for a small resteraunte, hotel or ice supply business
  • Production capacity is calculated at
    10°C Air Temperature and
    10°C Water Temperature.
  • Please note that the production is lower at higher temperatures:
    21°C Air Temperature and
    15°C Water Temperature
    expect 29 kgs in 24 hours.

Recognised worldwide for their quality, the Scotsman EC 56 is a top of the range premium ice machine. Easy to install into a bar, restaurant or kitchen, this self-contained gourmet cube maker has the ability to make 32kg’s of ice on a daily basis. And with Progressive Water Discharge you no longer have to worry about drainage height or distance problems.

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EC 56 Scotsman Ice Machine

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