Ebb & Flow with Polycarbonate roof


Our Ebb & Flow systems are trialed and tested systems that works really well and have been producing seedlings in many operations for the last eight years.

The Ebb & Flow systems are designed to produce best quality seedlings for NFT production. Except for reducing the cycle time on seedling production quality seedling you produce in this system can also reduce the cycle time in your NFT systems simply because of the way the roots are established.

The Ebb & Flow systems are made of the best materials and it will last you a very long time. It comes complete with its pump, a detachable controller which is housed in a weather proof enclosure, the tank with an integrated pan to host the seedlings and the mechanical level control system.

In this option we add a poly carbonate roof on an aluminium frame that serves as a minitiature greenhouse to protect your seedlings against rain but which also creates a micro climate to boost your seedling production. The roof swivels allowing you to open or close it with ease. It also have adjustable ventilation holes for regulating air flow.

Use growers foam and our planter system to process the growers foam and produce up to 1820 seedlings or simply use Jiffy bags and trays and produce the best quality trellis crops seedlings.

The systems are very usefull for hosting and irrigating pot plants in nurseries or at home.

You can fit twelve of our large plastic trays to the sytem and two small plastic trays. The trays can be used for both growers foam and Jiffy bags.

You can use the systems to produce seedlings for soil applications.

Buy your Ebb & Flow today and start your own seedling production business in town or combine it with our NFT systems and start your own sustainable farming bussiness.

Please see the planters in the products page. Our planters are used to process the growers foam to make seedlings.

This is the way to go!


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