Cosmetal JET IN H

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  • Undersink.
  • Connected directly to water mains.
  • Hot, cold and ambient water.
  • Home and small office use.

Similar to the Cosmetal JET IN dispenser, this under sink dispenser is ideal for those who need to dispense large amounts of water. Offering hot, cold or ambient water, the JET IN H dispenser is compact and dispenses high volumes of chilled water at the touch of a button, or turn of a faucet. Ideal for offices, studios, homes, bars and small restaurants.

*Faucet not included with unit. Choose from our wide selection of suitable faucets in different styles and finishes.


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Cosmetal JET IN H


  • Chilled, Steaming Hot and Ambient (room temperature)water dispenser.
  • Under-counter model.
  • Suitable for domestic and light commercial use.
  • Compressor cooling with ventilated condenser.
  • Ice bank direct chill system: 2 liter ice capacity.
  • Chilled water adjustable thermostat: 2 º C – 12 º C
  • Hot water adjustable thermostat: up to 98 º C
  • High quality, steel/grey skinplate, corrosion resistant cabinet.
  • Can utilize a variety of different faucets



  • Cooling Capacity – per hour: 30 lt/hr at 10 º C 
  • Cooling Capacity – continuous flow: 7 liters 
  • Heating Capacity – per hour: 8 lt/hr at 95 º C
  • Working ambient conditions: 10 ºC – 38 º C
  • Power consumption: 870 W
  • Dimensions: 25.5 x 40 x 40 cm
  • Net weight: 23.0 kg


Suitable optional accessories:

  • E-RC Inline Water Purifier Cartridge
  • RC Inline Water Purifier Cartridge
  • Any H2O International SA under-counter water purification system with ¼” piping
  • Water Block


Parts required for installation:

  • ¼” Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV 1)
  • ¼” Saddle Clamp
  • ¼” LLDPE tubing per meter (length as required)
  • Dual Faucet – Chilled and Steaming Hot water
  • Three-way Faucet – Chilled, Steaming Hot and Ambient Water



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