Clarus Fusion® Series Treatment

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Clarus Environmental’s Fusion Series Treatment Systems are drop-in wastewater treatment units designed for use in decentralized applications where the effluent quality needs to meet or exceed DWS standards. The first Fusion was installed in Franschhoek in 2010 and today more than 300 units have been installed in 8 different countries on the African continent.



The Fusion is designed for use in residential, commercial, and community applications and is available in a variety of treatment capacities, from 1,500 lpd to 15,000 lpd. The Fusion’s unique design enables it to be installed without a pretreatment tank, making it ideal for use on sites where space is limited.  Effluent disposal options include conventional trenches, dams, irrigation or direct discharge.

What you need to know…

  • Fusion produces effluent that meets and exceeds DWS General limit.
  • Special limit is achievable by oversizing the system / extending the retention time
  • Highly adjustable to site conditions
  • Easy installation with only 4 pipe connections
  • Power consumption range from 60w (1,500 lpd) to 336w (15,000 lpd)
  • 25-year warranty on the media
  • Fusion is compact, efficient, and designed to be installed in a typical residential/commercial environment.
  • Retrofit for septic tanks, conservancy tanks, other systems.
  • 6 Monthly service required (1 hour).
  • No check-ups are needed between service intervals.
  • Being installed completely underground, there is hardly any visual impact.
  • No metal in the bioreactor
  • No electricity in the bioreactor
  • No pumps in the bioreactor
  • Solar power optional
  • No odors
  • Low running cost
  • A phased approach for developments
  • Easily increased with expanding developments

The Fusion is designed to be used both in urban areas and remote locations.  Successful installations in Africa include:

  • Schools
  • Farms
  • Single households
  • Lodges and guest houses
  • Industrial effluent
  • Petrol stations
  • Shopping centers
  • Commercial buildings
  • Villages

By using the Clarus Fusion to treat both black and grey water, every community in the country can have access to flush toilets, without using a single drop of potable water.  Treated water from the Fusion can be used for toilet flushing.  Where space is limited, the Fusion can be installed in walkways or public open spaces.  Excess treated water can be used for irrigation purposes. Fusion is the only plant that can handle from one household to communities, from informal settlements to high-income estates, from in-urban use to the most remote areas.


How the Fusion® system works


Clarus Fusion® Specifications



  • Residential sewer.
  • Commercial wastewater secondary treatment

Waste strength reduction: <75 mg/l     COD <25 mg/l     TSS

  • Commercial wastewater pre-treatment before discharging to municipal sewer network (COD reduction).



  • All materials are noncorrosive in the septic environment.


Easy Installation:

  • Fusion Series Treatment Systems are compact, efficient, and designed to be installed in a typical residential/commercial environment.
  • Retrofit for septic tanks, conservancy tanks, other systems.



  • The system will be provided with a maintenance contract.
  • The maintenance provider is dependent upon a geographical location.
  • 6 Monthly services are required.
  • No check-ups are needed between service intervals.



  • Chlorine / UV / Ozone.


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