Cartridge and Bag Filters


Iron and manganese are common in groundwater supplies. Excess iron and/or manganese levels usually results in the following:

  • Discoloured water

  • Red, brown, or black stains on laundry, fixtures, or other surfaces in contact with water.

  • Metallic taste in beverages.

  • Rust build-up in water heaters and cooling systems.

Whilst the water supplied by the groundwater source is often clear and colourless, it usually becomes discoloured once it comes into contact with air, causing iron and manganese to precipitate as rust.




Cartridge filter housings can hold the following types of cartridge:

  • Sediment removal cartridges
  • Washable strainers
  • Granular activated carbon cartridges
  • Activated carbon block cartridges
  • Water softening resin
  • Deionization resin
  • Scale removal crystals
  • pH adjustment crystals
  • Filtration, disinfection and taste & odour removal filter candles (see our residential water filter section for more information on filter candles and their uses)

Cartridge Filter Specifications

*Maximum flow rate is based on low turbidity feed (less than 5 NTU), feed pressure of 300 kPa and the use of a 5-micron nominally rated woven sediment cartridge.


Self Cleaning Strainer Specifications

CWC offers a range of strainers with the choice between manual, semi-automatic or automatic backwash controls.

*Maximum flow rate is based on feed pressure of 300 kPa and the use of a 50-micron strainer.


Design Considerations

In order to accurately size a cartridge filter for your residential, commercial or industrial application, we will need to know the following:

  • The amount of water you expect to use per 24-hour period.
  • Your peak water demand.
  • Operating hours per day.
  • Your water pressure.
  • The amount of suspended solids in your water. See our water analysis section for more information.
  • What you plan to use the filtered water for.

Your local approved CWC distributor can help you calculate your filtered water needs, and can arrange for a professional water analysis to be taken. For more information about cartridge filters, bag filters or strainers and how the water filtration process can help you in your home or business, contact CWC today.



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