BWT Rondomat Duo 3

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  • Operational efficiency The regeneration process is controlled using inlet pressure, which reduces process time and water consumption by up to 30%. Precision salination and intelligent operation significantly reduces the consumption of salt and rinsing water.
  • Optimum capacity adjustment The control system monitors the regeneration intervals and increases capacity until optimum regeneration levels or the threshold of 150% nominal capacity, are reached. The optimum interval is determined by the demand profile set by the efficiency and hygiene standards.
  • Adaptive switching Controlled flow in the differential pressure-optimised columns.
  • Smart metering Intelligent measuring device linked to communication network.
  • Hygienic flushing Adjustable consumption-based flushing to avoid stagnation.

Drinking water softener with a process that can be adjusted to consumption rates. Depending on the actual consumption of the operator, water softening systems often have to be shut down for too long, which should be avoided for reasons of hygiene.

The problem: excessive volumes of resin must be maintained in the system (capacity) to manage short-term peak flows that can lead to sanitation problems during consumption times with low water extraction (weekends, holiday periods, etc.) The time priority switch triggers regeneration, which increases the salt and rinsing water consumption while having to satisfy all the demands of a duplex softening system.


Main Features:

  • Compact, flow-proportional duplex water softening system for softening/partial softening of potable and non-potable water
  • Quick installation and easy to commission
  • Microprocessor controls with graphic touch panel
  • Operational efficiency using an adapted process
  • Includes integrated pathogen protection device in accordance with DIN EN14743 and DIN 19636-100
  • Smart metering and soft control touch controls
  • The resin columns and brine tank are kept separate to ensure optimum system hygiene
  • Includes electrolytic cell

The DVGW-certified Rondomat Duo S systems are optimised for fluctuating flow rates, making them ideal for use in drinking water in residential and commercial properties. The different resin quantities/bottle sizes ensure minimal loss of pressure. The automatic blending valve can be adjusted separately for the required hardness level.

The Rondomat Duo S system is available in 3 sizes:

  • S1: Nominal flow with
  • S2: Nominal flow with
  • S3: Nominal flow with


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