BWT Magnesium Minerlized Jug Filter Cartridges + ZINC 3 X Pack


  • 3 x Magnesium + Zinc Cartridges
  • Enriches your tap water with valuable mineral magnesium and zinc as a trace element
  • Magnesium and zinc support the body’s immune system as well as your skin and hair
  • Water becomes the perfect ingredient for making great-​tasting tea and coffee
  • Patented filtration – optimized for an active lifestyle
  • Capacity: 120L per cartridge
  • Recommended to change cartridge every 30 days

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You’re someone who likes conventional water filters because they reduce the limescale content of water and filter out impurities. You also want your drinking water boosted with minerals and trace elements that are essential for the body and an active lifestyle.

With the Magnesium Mineralized Water + Zinc filter cartridge from BWT, your tap water can benefit from the perfect combination of magnesium minerals and the trace element zinc. Magnesium keeps you fit and full of life – for an active lifestyle and all your sporting activities. What’s more, adding zinc brings freshness to your tap water, supports your immune system, and has a positive impact on your skin and hair.



Adds magnesium and zinc. Adds 65mg of magnesium per 2.5L of water*. Patented Ion exchange media replaces calcium with magnesium and zinc. BPA Free.


Magnesium and zinc support the immune system – strengthening hair and skin, and promoting cell growth. An ideal way for active people to increase zinc levels.
Reduces water hardness – removes chlorine and heavy metals. Improves the taste, smell, and colour of your drinking water. 2.5L of magnesium + zinc filtered water provides 20% of magnesium and 15% of your daily recommended intake*.

Vitality boost. Eliminates the requirement for single-use plastic bottles.

*Based on water hardness levels.


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