BWT Balanced Alkalized Water Jug Filter Cartridges 3 X Pack


  • Removes heavy metals, chlorine, and other contaminants.
  • Alkalises water by creating a higher pH (>8.5). BPA Free.
  • The special filtration technology turns normal tap water into alkaline water.
  • The higher pH value of the water helps to balance out acidity and thus protects you from hyperacidity.
  • Optimised for a more nutritionally conscious lifestyle.
  • Capacity: 120L per cartridge
  • Recommended to replace every 30 days

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Our diet can quite often become imbalanced, which may affect the stability of our bodies’ acid-base balance. Poor eating habits and inadequate fluid intake can promote hyperacidity in your body. Commercially available water may also contribute to this.

The BWT Balanced Alkalized Water filter cartridge helps you support your internal balance and lead a more nutritionally conscious lifestyle. The higher pH value of the water (>8.5) means it contributes to a more even acid-base balance. Alkaline water helps you achieve greater evenly-tempered equilibrium and calm balance in all of life’s situations.




  • Alkaline water supports the regulation of the acid-base balance in the human body and promotes general well-being. Neutralizes hyperacidity in the body.
  • Supports metabolism and improves nutrient absorption. Removes chlorine and heavy metals. Keeps the pH value of water over 8.5.
  • Improves the taste, smell, and colour of your drinking water.
  • Promote general well-being. Eliminates the requirement for single-use plastic bottles.


  • Filter capacity: 120ℓ/28 days.
  • Fits any BWT Water Filter Jug.
  • Conforms with all European Standards Authorisation.


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