Blue Lagoon Peristaltic Dosage Pumps

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The Blue Lagoon Peristaltic dosage pumps are perfectly suited for the dosing of a liquid solution (flocculant, natrium bicarbonate) into the piping system of a swimming pool. The dosage pumps can also be used in the chemical industry, food industry, disinfection systems, etc.



The peristaltic dosage pumps have a PP case, reinforced with glass fiber. A closed case for wall installation. The internal tube is made of antoprene. The peristaltic dosage pumps have a small size: 8,5 x 10,5 x 12,5 cm. 230 VAC. Max. working pressure 1 bar.



The Blue Lagoon Peristaltic dosage pump is also available with display and built-in pH & redox meter. With the optional pH or Redox kit the dosage pump can function as a standalone pH or redox (chlorine) dosage unit. You only need one basic model, the pH or Redox kit will determine the application. The measured value is displayed continuously and the alarm will blink in case of errors.

Specifications of the Blue Lagoon Peristaltic dosage pump with display:

  • Fixed flow rate (1.8 l/h at 1 bar)
  • Built-in pH/Redox meter
  • Measurement range: 0.00 to 14.00 pH and 0 to +999 mV (Redox)
  • Input for pH or redox electrode on BNC connector
  • Input for level sensor. Alarm LED
  • Single-point calibration procedure
  • Wall installation. PP case
  • Typical applications: water treatment and pools
  • 230 VAC standard power supply
  • Available kit including pH (or redox) electrode with 2.5 m cable and BNC connector, calibration solutions and electrode-holder with clamp for in-line installation




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