Blue Lagoon AOP Compact Ozone & UV-C

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Ozone and UV-C (AOP) integrated into one smart saltwater pool sanitizer

The combination of ozone and UV-C, integrated into this smartly designed purifier, ensures fresh and healthy pool water with the possibility of using a minimum use of chlorine. The Blue Lagoon AOP Compact Ozone & UV-C Saltwater is specially developed for the disinfection of saltwater.



Advantages of the Blue Lagoon AOP Compact Ozone & UV-C Saltwater

  • A built-in electronic ballast to ensure a smooth power supply
  • Specially developed for saltwater pools
  • 100% effective en constant operation
  • The ozone UV-C lamp will last 4.500 hours
  • The device will indicate when the lamp needs replacing
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Made in the Netherlands


The Ozone & UV-C Saltwater is specially developed for saltwater and seawater pools. This revolutionary combination of ozone and UV-C makes a pool with a minimal amount of chlorine possible! With this Blue Lagoon AOP Compact Ozone & UV-C Saltwater unit on your pool system, you´re able to keep your pool water fresh, crystal clear, and especially hygienic clean.

You connect the ”Blue Lagoon AOP Compact Ozone & UV-C Saltwater” to your swimming pool system. Using a pump, the water is pumped into the unit through the supplied reactor. Because of the water pressure in the reactor, the air is sucked through the Venturi system. Air is sucked into the unit via the air valve and flows through the area between the quartz glass and the AOP Compact Ozone & UV-C Saltwater lamp.


The lamp has a double function, producing ozone and UV-C light at the same time. The ozone particles in the water are completely broken down again by the UV-C device immediately after they have completed their function. This takes place because the ozone is mixed with water as it passes through the lamp for the second time.


The optimal life span of the T5 lamp regarding UV-C is ± 9000 hours. For the ozone-producing part, this is about 4500 hours. After this period of time, the intensity decreases. When you replace the lamp (for example) in March there will be enough ozone production for the whole season (for example March to September) and there will be enough UV-C radiation for a whole year.


Oxidation and disinfection in one effective system

Because air enters the unit via the lamp, it becomes loaded with ozone particles that were generated by the special AOP Compact Ozone & UV-C Saltwater lamp, which produces 0.6 grams of ozone. After it has passed the ball valve, the ozone enriched air is then mixed with water in the reactor. The oxidation and sterilisation take place here, and a powerful disinfection process is achieved. The water-ozone mixture is then exposed to the UV-C radiation of the lamp. The lamp has a double function, producing ozone and UV-C light at the same time. The ozone particles in the water are completely broken down again by the UV-C device immediately after they have completed their function. This takes place because the ozone is mixed with water as it passes through the lamp for the second time. Connections: Ø63mm / 50mm / 1 ½”. Please notice the correct grounding!


What does AOP?

The Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) combines the benefits of ozone and UV-C into one device. When ozone is used in combination with UV-C light in water, hydroxyl radicals (OH-) are created. These radicals are very effective against chlorine immune microorganisms (like Legionella bacteria and Cryptosporidium), organic pollutants, and cleaning byproducts such as chloramines, responsible for eye and skin irritation and the typical chlorine smell’. Because UV-C light will destroy the residual ozone in the water, there is no deozonation device needed. AOP is a very effective and efficient way of sanitizing and disinfecting your pool. Because of that the amount of chlorine in a pool can be kept to a minimum.

Benefits of AOP:

  • A strong combination of ozone (oxidation) and UV-C (disinfection)
  • Improves the disinfection efficiency
  • Makes a pool with a minimal amount of chlorine possible
  • Effective against chlorine-resistant microorganisms
  • Prevents skin and eye irritation
  • Can be quickly added to existing filtration systems



The Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) is the best available water treatment technology now. AOP uses OH-radicals with a considerably higher oxidation potential compared to other oxidants for water treatment. When dissolved ozone (1) is irradiated by UV radiation in a UV reactor (2), then OH- radicals are created. The lifetime of OH-radicals is extremely short, the entire treatment process takes place inside of the UV reactor, Treated water (3) is without OH-radicals.


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