Blanco Fontas Dual-Flow Faucet

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The Blanco Fontas  Dual-Flow Faucet is a premium quality mixer that incorporates two separate levers, one for dispensing regular, hot and cold tap water, and another for dispensing purified water.

The tap water and purified water are dispensed from separate nozzles (via separate internal pipes) housed within the same mixer spout, so that you have one faucet for two functions, but the tap and purified water never mix maintaining maximum hygiene and health.

This is more practical and convenient as it saves space on your counter-top and avoids the clutter of having two taps, that also possibly do not match each other or your kitchen styling.

The Blanoc Fontas is available in polished chrome, but different colour options are also available for special order (subject to a 6 week delivery time and pricing on request).


Blanco Fontas Dual-Flow Faucet


  • 3 in 1 mixer tap: cold, warm and filtered water out of one tap
  • Separate levers for regular tap water and purified water in one mixer
  • Separate inlets and internal pipes – no mixture of purified and regular tap water
  • High-end BWT multi-stage filter reduces limescale and improves taste
  • High spout for easy filling of bottles and pots
  • Space saving and practical – one faucet for two uses
  • Premium German design and manufacture
  • Available in polished chrome as well as different colour options*
  • Longer usage cycles thanks to higher filter capacity
  • Flowmeter displays exact filter capacity

*Polished Chrome model kept in stock. Different colour options available on order and subject to 6 week delivery time as well as pricing on request.



  • Hole required for installation: Ø 35 mm
  • Maximum base thickness for installation: 60 mm
  • Water inlet: 3 flexible connector pipes, 450mm long and 3/8″ nut

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