30m NFT Trellis Crop Production Line with Aluminium Structure


This is the Production Line component for our NFT Trellis Crop Hydroponic systems. It is intented for commercial application.

To simplify things – NFT Trellis Crop or Hallelujah systems consist of the Production Lines and  Life Support Systems.

The number of Production Lines you will require depends on the size of the production area which is normally determined by the size of the protective structure i.e. the greenhouse or net house. Please see the table in Images for the recommend number of lines in each layout.

Aluminium Structures makes it convenient to work with the plants,it aids in aligning the systems and it makes cleaning of the hydroponic system ,greenhouse or net house so much easier. Then it also aids in maintaining high hygiene standards, aids in pest control, ventilation and general plant growth. It is an investment. We found that employees are more efficient in their jobs.

We only use the best quality and safest materials for manufacturing. The profile of the gullies are larger than standard gully sizes around to accomodate for sufficient root space. It was specifically designed for larger plants which requires more roots space. Specific attention was given during development to ensure that all plants get equal amounts of water, drainage,oxygen and nutrients. High higiene standards can be maintained.

Minimum quantity of 240m applies because we can only manufacture the lines in bulk otherwise it becomes to expensive. If you want to order less lines please contact us because we can put you on a waiting list untill the minimum quota for manufacturing has been met.


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