Water In Its Purest Form

Pharma Biotech Water Purification

Anticor is the world’s leading supplier of systems for the production, storage and distribution of purified media in the pharma and biotech industry.


Water in its Purest Form

Water is the basic raw material in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, and water and other purified media are vital constituents in numerous processes in this sector. Anticor has specialist expertise in meeting these highest of standards and, with over 50 years’ experience, we are the world’s leading supplier of critical purified media. 

We develop systems that transform drinking water into Anticor Purified Water, Water for Injections and Pure Steam, and which ensure safe storage and distribution. Anticor also provides services that guarantee the safe and reliable operation of the system for decades ahead.

Purified Media & Applications

Purified Water/Water for Injection from Anticor is also used in medicinal applications, including, for example, insulin for diabetics, the manufacture of cardiac pacemakers or prostheses and artificial joints in the medical technology sector and life-​saving infusions. Purity and safety have the highest priority, not only in hospitals and laboratories, but also in homeopathic products, where Purified Water/Water for Injection contributes to wellbeing and health.

Purified Water/Water for Injection is an essential element in all these areas; it is both a solvent and carrier medium in the end-​product and is also required for cleaning and rinsing packaging and production systems. Varying degrees of purity therefore exist: Purified Water (or aqua purificata) and Water for Injections (or aqua ad iniectabilia). Strict regulations and guidelines guarantee water safety for the end user.


The BWT OSMOTRON supplies Purified Water at the highest pharmaceutical level, combining all the process steps required to produce Purified Water: softening, reverse osmosis and SEPTRON electrodeionisation, including monitoring and control. The result is safe and clean Anticor Purified Water.

Leading pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics manufacturers and many other businesses depend on the BWT OSMOTRON, which is the most successful standardised, compact system for the production of Wurified Water with over 1,000 systems in operation worldwide.


The SEPTRON is an electrodeonisation module developed and patented specifically for the pharmaceutical industry by BWT. The water is desalinated in the SEPTRON spiral-​winding construction in a physiochemical hybrid process. The system also has an integrated final ultrafiltration process to ensure the highest microbiological safety and purity.

Measurement & Control Technology

Measurement and control devices, like the BWT Bermuda MSR 3, ensure that all the predefined settings for swimming pool water are reliably maintained, enabling the recommended care products to be used much more effectively. In addition, the measurement and control equipment supplied by BWT ensures that all the processes run smoothly. The systems are easy to use and require minimal effort.

We have the right solution for every pool, swimming pool or spa, regardless of the dimensions.

Anticor has set itself the objective of providing the best water quality for every need. This means that, with Anticor, you are not only in the safest pair of hands when it comes to pure and ultrapure media, but you can also rely on the company to be at the cutting edge of technology in all other areas of water treatment, producing the best possible outcomes for drinking and boiler water, water for cooling, air conditioning or heating, and process water.