Marine, Power, Oil And Gas

Taking on the toughest environments

The power generation industry is one of the greatest users of water worldwide and one of the highest producers of industrial wastewater. Produced water refers to any water that comes out of the oil or gas reservoir as part of the production process. Oil reservoirs often contain large volumes of water, while gas reservoirs typically have smaller quantities.

Reclaiming, reusing and recovering wastewater for high-grade industrial processes, as potable water or water released back to its source, provides clients with a smart water treatment solution that is both cost-efficient and environmentally compliant.

Government legislation, environmental laws and restrictions on both releasing wastewater back into the environment as well as remediating water sources back to the way they were found, is no longer an option for organizations who not only face heavy penalties and fines but the threat of closure.

Re-empowering power companies – tapping liquid re-sourcing and remediation

Anticor’s mobile, scalable wastewater and desalination plants support both existing centralized treatment plants as well as decentralized operations. This allows us to remediate water sources, no matter where they are located.

Anticor’s expertise and widespread experience in the power industry equips us to provide total water treatment solutions for the Oil and Gas industry.

Like the Power industry, Gas and Oil processes produce large amounts of industrial wastewater, which needs to be reclaimed, reused and recovered. The physical and chemical properties of wastewater produced are not always consistent, containing contaminants that require removal before proper disposal or reuse.

A smart turnkey approach

Anticor’s turnkey approach provides sustainable water solutions based on end usage applications, solutions that work to increase safety, reduce risk, improve economics, and are in sync with both community and regulatory requirements.