Water optimisation for water dispensers


Anticor makes it so easy to transform tap water into a tasty refreshing drink.

Water Optimisation for Water Dispensers

In today’s gastronomy and bakery trades, the production of culinary specialties would be impossible without the use of modern steamers and ovens that combine gentle and efficient cooking and baking processes. Through the use of a fine, highly heated steam mist, the range of possible cooking and baking methods has been greatly widened.

Commercial applications still demand the highest standards of water quality from the new all-round specialists. It is impossible for top performance to be achieved if there are undesirable elements in the water. Eventually, it can result in the baking process not working properly or even damaging the baked goods themselves. Make the most of your appliances.


Sensory quality

High levels of hygiene

Reduces taste-​impairing substances

Innovative filter systems

The innovative BWT bestdrink PREMIUM filter system with BWT magnesium technology ensures a balanced mineralisation of the water, giving it its unbeatable quality, transforming every mouthful into a flavour sensation for the consumer. Water dispensers also need to be protected from germs and the BWT bestcare filter system is the perfect answer. It offers consumers a high level of hygiene safety. If the raw water contains so-​called “off flavours”, then BWT besttaste is the optimum choice. This filter system draws targeted organic components and chlorine from the water and brings freshness to the water dispenser.