Top Quality Water

Catering and classic gastronomy can benefit significantly from consistently high quality specialty coffees and teas.

Especially in the world of trendy and profitable specialty coffees, the question of the right water supply is not only about protecting barista style coffee machine against limescale, but also focuses on the key marketing question: how can the proprietor ensure his or her customers get the best coffee?

Considering that an espresso is composed of approximately 92 % water and an Americano of approximately 98 %, you quickly understand that water plays a crucial role in extracting the taste, explaining why water quality is so important.


Sensory quality

Maximum operational safety

Prevents limescale deposits

Great tasting coffee starts with great tasting water.

By professionals, for professionals.

Regular interaction with coffee connoisseurs from all over the world means that we know exactly what matters when it comes to preparing coffee.

Our range of water optimisation systems provide you with the most efficient product to suit any water challenge! They feature BWT Magnesium Technology, which enriches the water with taste enhancing magnesium, reduces limescale and produces an outstanding cup of coffee. It couldn’t be easier.

The Perfect Hot Beverage Starts With Perfect Water Treatment

The range includes water filter cartridges as well as magnesium technology BWT bestmax and bestmax PREMIUM, and specialist solutions like BWT bestprotect with very specific functions in water optimisation, which are suited to different raw waters. You can produce even better coffee water with the innovative BWT bestaqua ROC Coffee reverse osmosis system and integrated BWT magnesium technology: Enjoy consistently great coffee water wherever you are.

The BWT ROC 14 is designed to provide maximum corrosion protection and satisfy high water demands in raw water containing high levels of salt and chlorine.