AquaForte DM-Series Filter Pumps

The AquaForte DM-Series filter pumps are very energy efficient pumps with innovative electronics! Low noise operation. Provided with synchronous motor. It is suited for fresh and salt water! No copper parts. Durable ceramic shaft. Pump stops automatically when no water is detected inside the rotor. When the impeller is blocked it will go into a “lock” position in which the pump does not use power and waits until the blockage is gone. This will prevent a motor burn out. Competitive priced dirty-water pumps for water gardens, waterfalls, fountains, filters, etc. Can pump solids up to 6mm. Suited for dry application (inlet must be under water level).

  • Energy-efficient
  • Low-noise operation
  • Synchronous motor
  • Suitable for fresh and salt water
  • Automatically switches off when there is no water in the rotor
  • Suitable for wet and dry configurations
  • Can pump dirt particles up to 6mm in size


DM Low Voltage (12 VAC) ! Ideal for swimming ponds or other applications where low voltage pumps are needed.