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Industry does not tolerate downtime. Anticor's flow management resources support sustained water availability. With all the things to worry about in industry, water shouldn't be one of them.

State of the Art Laboratory Services


In cooperation with our neighboring laboratory (ALS) Analytical Laboratory Services we analyze customers' water quality and usage. The water is analyzed according to the intended use (home use, bottled water production, food processing etc) and a detailed report with recommendations for treatment is produced. Once you receive your water analysis you will be contacted by an Anticor water specialist, who will discuss the finding of the analysis with you, and guide you through the various options and systems for treating your particular water. We install the products specific to your operational needs post analysis. 

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Once your water has been analyzed, we install the products specific to your operational needs.

Our domestic, agricultural, commercial and industrial installations leverage off of our partnership with H20 & Aquamarine South Africa, a business unit of Murray & Roberts. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or a quote.


  • Standard: N$ 550
  • Industrial: N$ 650

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Other Services


Pilot Units

When pilot testing is required, we supply existing systems or build one that suits your project specification. Pilot tests are installed by Anticor technicians and supervised by our main office.


We operate maintenance on water treatment technology within our scope of supply. You can contact us for maintenance on existing equipment.

Rental Units

​Anticor has a range of products available for rental. Contact us for more information.


Anticor consultants provide on-site assistance. At Anticor we carry out on-site analysis and field testing on demand across Africa.


Anticor's specialised consultants provide technical training or courses in water management. Training can take place both at our Head office or in the field.

Inspection, Trouble Shooting, & Optimisation

​At Anticor we assist with on site inspection and troubleshooting in order to optimise your water treatment needs.

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